Elections were free and fair – Fr Luonde

LOSING Rainbow Party candidate for Nchanga constituency Father Richard Luonde says he is contented with the way the elections were held in Zambia.

Fr Luonde said the elections were held in an organised environment and candidates, particularly those in Chingola, based their political campaigns on progressive issues.

He said the parliamentary aspirants in Chingola did their homework and campaigned vigorously in a mature manner.

“The will of the people has prevailed and there are no grounds for the losing candidates in various positions to start finger- pointing or witch hunting that the elections were not held in a democratic atmosphere,” said Fr Luonde.

Fr Luonde also urged the losing candidates in Nchanga constituency to work closely with the new PF Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo because the people had chosen the leader whom they felt would represent them effectively in Parliament.

He said he did not regret to lose on the Rainbow Party ticket because it was worthy standing for.

The clergyman expressed disappointment that in some parts of Zambia the electorate had
embraced voting on tribal basis.

He said the issue where people in some provinces were voting for the candidate belonging to a particular tribe or region should be not to be tolerated.

And Fr Luonde has called for more sensitization of Zambians on the importance of voting based on capability and not tribe or political party.

He said the outcome of the August elections had demonstrated that Zambians were still clinging on to regional and tribal voting.