‘Road projects create business opportunities for youths’


THE construction of roads throughout the country has opened opportunities for young people to get involved in business, former Eastern Province minister Malozo Sichone has said.

Mr. Sichone said youths in Eastern Province were benefiting from the construction of roads going on in the province.

“In Eastern Province alone we have a lot of youths that are employed in various road construction projects,” Mr. Sichone said.

He noted that road construction projects had also opened up new business opportunities for young people.

He said most young people were passionate about doing business but lacked capital.

Mr. Sichone observed that by being employed on road projects young people were able to save money to start businesses when they stopped work.

“It’s very difficult to find capital to do business, but now with these road projects young people are able to find capital for their businesses when paid,” he said.

He also stated that the construction of roads in Eastern Province had drastically reduced the cost of doing business.

Previously it was difficult to transport merchandise due to bad roads, saying that this hindered young people from venturing into business.

“There are certain places which were very difficult to reach like Vubwi; it has high potential for young people to start business now as the cost of doing business comes down,’’ he said.

Mr. Sichone urged the youth in the country to take advantage of massive opportunities that came with the construction of roads.

“Young people can take advantage of various road projects and better their lives; such projects are meant to empower the youths economically. It’s not just a chance, this is a huge opportunity that they should take advantage of,” he said.