Sinazongwe chief disowns rioters


Chief Mweemba of the Tonga people of Sinazongwe says he is not going to support anyone engaging in riotous behaviour over the results of the recent election and that those found misbehaving will have themselves to blame when the law takes its course.

Chief Mweemba’s spokesperson Mr George Bbabbi said his chiefdom would not allow anyone engaging in illegal conduct as a means to show their grievances.

“I am appealing to the people of Sinazongwe district to please stop engaging in riots and wait for the Constitutional Court because there is no need of killing one another,” he said.

He warned that whoever would be found destroying property would not be protected but instead the law would crack down on them.

Mr Bbabbi said no one was sent to beat anyone, and that the grievances of having a party they support losing the elections could be addressed amicably without engaging in violence.

And Mr Bbabbi has appealed to the police officers deployed in the area not to use force by beating anyone they come across because not everyone was involved in riotous behaviour.

He said as much as the men in uniform wanted to bring sanity in some parts of Southern Province, beating innocent people was unacceptable.

“People are living in fear as a lot of soldiers, police and other security wings have been stationed in Sinazongwe and innocent people are beaten and this is not fair because some of the people are not misbehaving,” he said.

Mr Bbabbi said the chief received a report that eight people were beaten by police officers in Malima village of Sinazongwe district and were currently
admitted at Maamba hospital.

He said it was the duty of every Zambian to ensure they were tolerant against others, saying it was not fair to engage in riotous behaviour as means of
addressing their grievances.

He said it would not help to harass and intimidate other people based on political affiliations because at the end of the day, all the people were the same.

“We are all one despite our political affiliation and this should not divide us, but instead we should fight for the peace our forefathers left us,” he said.

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