UPND petition won’t stop Lungu inauguration – PF


THE petition by the UPND to the Constitutional Court to have the election of President Edgar Lungu nullified will not stop the inauguration scheduled for Tuesday next week.

According to Patriotic Front lawyer Tutwa Ngulube, there is no law that stops the inauguration of a President who has won in the first ballot by the 50+1 majority as required under Article 101 of the constitution.

“President Lungu attained the 50+1 majority and any petition does not stop him from being inaugurated and holding office until determination of the petition.” He said.

“There is no law that stops the inauguration of a successful candidate. He explained.

Mr Ngulube said the swearing-in of President Lungu would go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday next week in accordance with the Constitution of Zambia.

Mr Ngulube, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwe Central newly elected Member of Parliament, said despite the petition there was nothing to prevent the Chief Justice from swearing in President Lungu on Tuesday because there was no re-run.

He said the inauguration of the Head of State would proceed as scheduled under Article 105 which provided for the President-elect to be sworn in seven days after the declaration of the presidential winner.

Mr Ngulube said the UPND petition which was filed in the Constitutional Court yesterday was not going to halt the swearing in of President Lungu and could therefore only serve as an academic exercise.

2 thoughts on “UPND petition won’t stop Lungu inauguration – PF

  1. Please Zambians lets give lungu his Five years mandate.Bitter people have called lungu all sorts of names.If you Zambians can remember Mwanawasa was called Cabbage but upright zambians appreciated his rule. You call Edgard Mr Jameson,I bet you give lungu a chance you will see.
    My advice to Mr Lungu is please in your five years tenure address our ailing economy by: Cutting on costs:Reduce your cabinet,give each minister one vehicle only,cut on international travels.Please Mr Lungu you must emmulate your counterpart John Makufuli of Tanzania.

  2. 102. (1) The President-elect shall be sworn into
    office and assume office in accordance with Article 103.
    (2) Subject to clauses (3) and (4), where the
    Returning Officer declares a presidential candidate as
    President-elect, the incumbent shall continue to perform the
    executive functions until the president-elect assumes office,
    except the power to –
    (a) make an appointment; or
    (b) dissolve the National Assembly.
    (3) Where an election petition is filed against the
    incumbent, under Article 101(1), or an election is nullified,
    under Article 101(3) (b), the Speaker shall perform the
    executive functions, except the power to –
    (a) make an appointment; or
    (b) dissolve the National Assembly.
    (4) Subject to Article 103 and except where the
    incumbent is the President-elect, the incumbent President
    shall, on the assumption of office by the President-elect,
    begin and complete the procedural and administrative
    handing over of the executive functions, to the Presidentelect,
    within fourteen days from the day the President-elect
    assumes office.

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