Woman accused of eating too much granted divorce


A LUSAKA housewife accused of being a glutton was granted divorce by a Lusaka local court after she successfully sued her husband for divorce.

Rebecca Banda, 30, a business woman of Lilanda compound, sued her husband Patrick Kayeka, 42, for divorce after she was accused of eating too much food.

There was laughter in the court earlier when Kayeka, a marketeer of George compound, denied leaving K10 for food but that his wife ate too much because she weighed 95 kg while he was at 55 kg.

The two got married in 2008 and have two children.

Banda told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that she only stayed well in her marriage for one year because every time she differed with Kayeka he told her to leave the matrimonial home.

She explained that Kayeka always left K10 for food even when she was keeping some of his relatives.

Banda said that at one time Kayeka got upset when she threw away  his used tea bag and he later tore his clothes and went to tell the police that she had assaulted him.

“The other time Kayeka cut himself with a razor blade on his nose and screamed to attract neighbours that I had assaulted him. I left him on June 5, 2016, and I have decided to divorce because he may kill himself and put me in trouble.

“Kayeka has been accusing me of having demons and a spiritual husband,” said Banda.

But Kayeka denied leaving K10 for food and said that the only problem was that Banda ate too much because she weighed 95kg while he tipped the scale at only 55kg.

In defence, Kayeka said that the problem started in 2009 when Banda started complaining that he did not buy her new clothes.

Kayeka said that Banda had a tendency of going to prophets and that one of them told her that she was married to a wrong man and that soon she would meet a rich man.

Kayeka said that Banda was a money monger and materialistic and that he took her to police for assault but not over a used tea bag.

Magistrate Newa granted the couple divorce, ordering Kayeka to compensate Banda K7,000 with initial payment of K700 followed by monthly instalments of K400 and to be paying child maintenance fee of K300 per month.