Involve us in planning, Munali MP urged


RESIDENTS of Munali constituency have called on their re-elected area Member of Parliament Nkandu Luo to ensure that she does not work in isolation but to involve members of the community in all development projects to be carried out.

The residents have charged that it is important for Professor Luo to work with members of the community in developing Munali.

They have said that the people in the area know best which areas need to be developed and that is why it is important that the area Member of Parliament works with them in ensuring that they foster development.

Lenard Chipasha, a resident of Kaunda Square 1, said that it is important that the MP works on improving services at Kaunda Square clinic.

Mr. Chipasha said this will help promote quality health services to the people.

‘‘Health workers only operate up to 18:00 hours, which makes it difficult for the residents to acquire medical services any time after that,’’ he said.

‘’We need to work together with our MP so that we can tell her what it is that the people in her constituency need because we are the ones that know the challenges  in the area,’’  he said.

And Charity Tembo, another resident, said that there is need to work on the sewer system in the area to avoid a breakout of diseases as a result of poor sewer systems.

Ms. Tembo said that working on the sewer system will improve sanitation in areas with poor sewer systems.

She also said there is need to complete the market structure in the area to ensure that all traders have a place to conduct their businesses from and they do not start vending in the streets.

Ms. Tembo said that it is important that the market structure is completed to provide a safe and comfortable trading place for all the marketeers especially during the rainy season.

‘‘All the challenges that we have can be sorted out if we work together with our MP because only then can we be able to tell them what we want to be done for us as residents in her constituency,’’ she said.

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