Police arrest over 200 riotous UPND cadres


POLICE in Southern Province have arrested more than 200 suspected UPND cadres for alleged riotous behaviour in which public and private property has been destroyed following the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the just-ended general elections.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Goldwin Phiri told the Daily Nation that although all the districts in the province were as of yesterday reported quiet, many UPND cadres had been arrested while others had been convicted for riotous behaviour.

Mr Phiri said he has since deployed police officers in Namwala district who are currently conducting operations in the district.

“So far the position over the political violent cases is as follows: (1). Monze – 31 appeared (in court) for riotous behaviour and 13 are appearing today; (2). Choma – 51 were charged for conduct, three are appearing today for malicious damage to property and two for arson,” Mr Phiri said.

He said in Namwala 43 people appeared for riotous behaviour, two for arson and one for malicious damage.

Mr Phiri said in Mazabuka 104 cadres were charged for conduct, five for assault, six for assault on police, nine for malicious damage and six for arson.

He said in Mazabuka, a 24-year-old man was jailed for two  years for assault on a police officer.

Mr Phiri said that in Choma, seven UPND cadres who assaulted two PF cadres in Zambia compound in February this year were convicted.

Mr Phiri identified the cadres as Kizito Siamani, 35, Marcus Ng’andu, 26, Said Mwale, 24, and Steve Kalonga, 23.

Others are Job Munsaka, 23, Jonathan Mwanza, 27, and Phinias Simauli, 49.

The cadres assaulted two PF supporters of the same compound, namely Jane Phiri and Said Malunga.

Mr Phiri said each had been sentenced to two concurrent sentences of 24 months imprisonment with hard labour.

On August 17 at around 21:00 hrs at Chikwato fishing camp, a

One thought on “Police arrest over 200 riotous UPND cadres

  1. i would like to find out what those who have been convicted have finally gained from rioting…….Has HH and GBM gone to state house as a result of there conviction,have they found HH and GBM in the prison to comfort them,Did UPND FIND THEM LAWYERS TO REPRESENT THEM?,Did Mushipe go to help them defend them,Has HH and GBM offered to take care of there children’s needs and school fees…..Just what have they achieved?……To those that have been arrested and those that are planning to do the same,make your choices.HH and GBM are now hiring over 20 lawyers to represnt there cause because they have no more use for there members.Thats why those that have been areested should be jailed more than two years to send a clear message to all citizens that tempering with a countrys peace is a serious crime if not treasonable.They should be punished heavily because we all know what happened in other countries where these peaople ruiened there peaceful nations.HH and GBM and the entire UPND leadership are very selfish.Just so that one man should enter statehouse and they should lay there hands on Govt contracts,they incite there innocent members to cause confusion.How heartless can such leaders be.Jail them and heavily so they know they are on there own and these two….HH and GBM dont care what happens to them and there children.Its a shame.

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