‘Reckless media cause of disunity in Zambia’


UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Copperbelt coordinator Kelvin Chaume claims the One Zambia One Nation motto has been fractured by some irresponsible media houses and current crop of politicians.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Chaume, who is former MMD Bwana Mkubwa  constituency chairperson, said the interpretation of the election outcome showed that there was no feeling of oneness among the citizenry in all the regions.

Mr Chaume accused the media houses, both public and private, of failing to fashion and interpret news and views in a manner that promotes national unity.

He expressed worry that unity in Zambia was under a serious threat and that responsibility was on all Zambians to bring down anything with the potential to bring about disintegration of unity in the country.

“The media of today is carrying headlines and editorials that are meant to fire up certain camps, not minding the larger communities they owe service too.

“We are alive to the fact that some journalists are bringing out issues in such a manner because they have bargained for something lucrative, thereby sacrificing the common good of communities,” he said.

He has cautioned media organisations against fanning disunity through their reports and editorials by ensuring objectivity and fairness at all times.

He said media as a tool of communication should strengthen the democratic processes by promoting a culture of non-violence, co-existence and tolerance.