South violence: UPND to blame

UPND cadres have allegedly been given orders to commence an ethnic-cleansing process in Maala chiefdom in Namwala following the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the August 11th general elections, security wings have revealed.

So far about 58 Zambians originally from other parts of the country living in Namwala have been forced to flee their homes which have since been burned down, and they are now camped at Namwala Secondary School as a result of the alleged ethnic cleansing process.

Namwala District Commissioner Mary Sakala revealed that Maala and surrounding areas have virtually been turned into war zones from Friday last week and the governing party’s supporters have been the target for the ethnic violencve.

Any one who speaks Bemba or Nyanja is percieved as a PF supporters and automacally become victims of tribal violence. We had to secure the lives of the poor villagers who have been forced to abandon their homes by camping them at Namwla Secondary School. Things are really bad,” Ms Sakala said.

Ms Sakala said she had been living in fear although there had been tight security at her premises.

Marvis Mwambula a victim of Maala ethnic violence charged that there was a scheme by the UPND because soon after President Lungu was declared winner, those who celebrated immediately became victims of violence.

And government has assured the over 250 internally displaced persons in Namwala of urgent remedial measures to mitigate their plight.

Disaster Management and Mitigating Unit (DMMU) national co-ordinator Patrick Kangwa made the assurance when he addressed 58 families camped at Namwala Secondary School yesterday, saying all those affected would be relocated.

Mrs Sakala also confirmed that 100 targeted households were either torched or destroyed by suspected UPND cadres and so far, about 200 victims have been camped in different locations for safety.

Joseph Mwaba, a victim has called on authorities to quickly remove them from Namwala.

“How can we be refugees in our own Country. I do not know where my wife and kids are because my house was burnt,”Mr Mwaba 82, complained.

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  1. I think this situation isn’t the way to 1 zambia 1 nation.language is not the way to determine political affiliate.we’ve Tongas who lives in all parts of zambia of which these pipo r not harrassed in anyway.we blamed RSA for xenophobic behaviour.what about us our own country we segregate one another.let not political affiliation tear us apart.K D Kaunda fought maibuye to lead us to peace we want to throw now.he cried for peace for zambian citizens.but the peace we re now enjoying is the peace we want to distroy.guys in namwala UPND has petitioned the election peacefully.y r u harassing yo fellows.

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