Mambwe chief lauds ‘wise and tested’ Lungu

By Nation Reporter

SENIOR Chief Nsokolo of the Mambwe people in Mbala says the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the just ended general elections was an endorsement of his ‘‘wise and tested’’ leadership.

Chief Nsokolo said the outcome of the August 11 elections indicated clearly that the people of Zambia had spoken.

“On behalf of the Mambwe chiefdom and its people and indeed on my own behalf, the outcome of the elections, which attracted multitudes of Zambians and the largely and widely cast poll in the history of the country, indicates clearly that the people have spoken.

“They have seen a quality leadership in President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has demonstrated that he is a Christian by his consistent seeking of God in his endeavors,” he said.

The chief wished President Lungu more years of leadership which had been exemplified by not only Zambians but also the international community and various notable personalities from all walks of life.

Chief Nsokolo said it was the chiefdom’s desire that President Lungu would always seek God’s guidance as he governed the Zambian people in the next five years.

“May your desires of seeking God’s guidance and wisdom be fulfilled as you govern this great nation Zambia,” said Chief Nsokolo.