Mystery fires haunt Zingalume market

TRADERS at Lusaka’s Mwamba Luchembe market in Zingalume compound have expressed concern at the poor safety standards at the trading centre which has led to some traders losing their property through fire.

The traders want Lusaka City Council to improve safety at the market owing to the frequency of fires being experienced at the market place lately.

Maltida Magawa said the trading centre experiences fires almost on a monthly basis due to lack of security and safety measures at the market.

She said she was also concerned by the inability of the local authority to respond to disasters and emergencies promptly.

Ms Magawa suggested that the Lusaka City Council should have a standby fire fighter permanently deployed in markets.

Moses Chanda a trader from Zingalume market said people have continued losing millions of kwacha in cash and property because of lack of preventive measures in the markets.

Mr Chanda however suspected that most of the fires that occurred in the market was ignited by some disgruntled political elements.

He said it became difficult for someone to restart their business after fire destroyed their goods and left them with nothing because all their capital was often burnt in the inferno.

Mr Shabala Mvula called on the police to thoroughly investigate fire incidents in order to establish the cause.

Mr Shabala however thanked the fire and rescue service for saving life and property through the provision of fire prevention, firefighting and rescue services.

He said the LCC fire fighter service was doing well despite some shortcomings.