PF refutes UPND lawyer’s claims


By Nation Reporter

THE Patriotic Front has described as malicious assertions that the Constitution Court hearing could not take off as scheduled yesterday because President Edgar Lungu’s lawyers were not prepared for the case.

UPND lawyers Gilbert Phiri and Keith Mweemba told journalists yesterday that  President  Edgar Lungu together with his Running mate Inonge Wina have engaged new lawyers who were yet to be served with the petition summons, hence the adjournment.

Mr Phiri said they could not serve petition on Mr Lungu because they could not access State House, but that with legal representation, they would serve his lawyers before end of day Monday.

But PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the statement issued by UPND lawyer Mr Phiri was untrue as the court hearing was only adjourned because the petitioners failed to serve summons on the respondents.

He said the UPND failed to serve the court summons on the two respondents being the President-elect and his running mate Inonge Wina.

“We take great exception to the impression being given to the public that the court adjourned the matter because the PF was not ready. What happened was that the respondents were not served with court documents to enable them prepare for the hearing.” Mr Bwalya was speaking at a media briefing called to clear the negative impression created by the UPND.

He explained that Mr Phiri was in fact not present in court at the time of the hearing, and wondered how he could have been issuing statements on a matter he was not privy to.

Mr Bwalya charged that his office was already studying the case on the possibility of reporting him to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for professional misconduct.

And Mr Bwalya has warned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema against inciting the people to revolt against the PF.

He said the opposition leader has failed to convince Zambians on allegations that PF was inciting violence in the communities.

Mr Bwalya accused HH of inciting an uproar based on lies that UPND members were being hunted in the compounds, being pursued and driven out of their homes by PF cadres.

He said, such reports have turned out to be true in however, the opposition strongholds of Southern and North Western provinces, adding that the UPND has failed to get the same reaction from PF strongholds which in this case have turned out to be very peaceful.

“We warned Mr Hichilema that yes he has his democratic right in the country to become president of this country should the people of Zambia vote for him.

“But he has no right to endanger the peace and security of our country through the kind of malicious and notorious propaganda coming out of his mouth and from his party,” he said.

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  1. In life you can propose a lady several times but she will reject you but can not force herto love you. This is the case of ba hakainde hichilema. He knows the problems he has with his PARTY. The party want to put someone else and he wants to bring that to the whole country. Bwana let GBM take over.PK KTWE

  2. hope we have fairly judgment to this matter now all we need is to have proper president in zambia does not matter which tribe or party it’s a Democrat country one Zambia one nation is not working at now

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