‘Absentee’ leaders worry Matero residents


THE trend by some Members of Parliament and councillors to move from rural and marginalized areas to towns and cities once they are voted into office, has raised concern among residents of Matero compound in Lusaka who have called on their newly elected leaders to ensure that they stay close to their constituents.

The residents have complained that most MPs and councillors have a tendency of moving from their rural and peri-urban constituencies to go and settle in new and posh residential areas once elected MPs, far from the voters who are unable to reach them easily when need arises.

They said that this change of status quo has contributed greatly to MPs and councillors not knowing how people in their areas are faring.

Rachael Kabwe, a resident of Matero, said that elected leaders need to stay in the areas for which they are in charge so that they know what is happening and can interact with the people they represent.

Ms. Kabwe said that most leaders do not know what happens in their areas because they do not live there.

She said it is important that MPs live in their constituencies so that they are available when needed by the people.

Ms. Kabwe said leaders need to live in their areas because it is the only way they will be able to know the challenges facing the people in their constituencies and also find better ways of addressing the challenges.

She said leaders will not serve the people well when they live in different areas than their constituencies.

‘’The MPs and councillors fail to do their duty as leaders because they are not aware of what their communities want; they live in places that always have water, good roads, garbage is collected on time and they have proper sewer systems such that they start thinking even the people in their areas are living like that when in actual sense the people in their constituencies are living in very challenging conditions,’’ she said

Ms. Kabwe said MPs should start prioritizing service to the people because that is why they are voted for to ensure the well-being of the people in their constituencies.

She said they need to be fully aware of everything that happens in their areas and that can only happen if they are living in their constituencies.

-Millennium Radio, 90.5FM


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