Cartel wants puppet regime


THE cartel that hijacked State power in the first three and half years of the Patriotic Front (PF) in Government has launched a vicious crusade to install a puppet president who would easily be colonised and controlled, Brian Hapunda has charged.

Mr Hapunda, who is PF media and information committee member, said the governing party was aware that there were some elements within the party that had been recruited by the cartel and were doing everything to install a weak leadership at State House so that they could continue abusing the presidency.

Mr Hapunda said claims by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that President Edgar Lungu had staged a coup d’état following a statement by Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska that the Head of State was not going to cede power was not only recklessly contemptuous but a desperate attempt to wrestle power from a legitimately elected leader.

He said in an interview that the PF was awake to the fact that the cartel was alive and desperately scheming to remove Mr Lungu from the presidency and fix in State House a president from whom they would take over the governance of the country.

Mr Hapunda said the PF through President Lungu had fearlessly fought the cartel and defeated it and that its resurrection was not going to be possible because the governing party had become stronger and resolute to save the country from the claws of political vultures.

“We know that there are desperate efforts by the cartel that has been fighting President Lungu to install a puppet regime that they would control and colonise. They are using any crooked trick in the book to remove President Lungu from State House so that they can fix a puppet president and continue abusing State power as they used to do a few years ago.

“And Mr Hichilema is being recklessly contemptuous by commenting on matters that are before the Constitutional Court in a scheme to cause undue pressure on the court in the hope of influencing its decisions,” Mr Hapunda said.

Mr Hapunda disclosed that the cartel was still active and innately meddling in critical and sensitive State institutions so that the governance of the country could be compromised.

He said the PF youth wing was alert and ready to thwart any manuevours by the clique of individuals to usurp power from a leadership that had been overwhelmingly elected by Zambians.