Ignore leaders who killed  referendum-ZRP

ZAMBIANS should brace themselves for worse things to come if the same people who derailed the referendum are allowed to rule the country in future because they have now shown what they stand for, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has said.

ZRP president Wright Musoma said the just-ended elections had provided many objective lessons which should never make Zambians destitute in their own country by not voting for leaders who did not have any interest of serving the nation better but pursuing their own goals.

Mr. Musoma said the opposition were the architects of the failure of the referendum which should have provided Zambians an opportunity to have a Bill of Rights which addressed most of the challenges they were facing as opposed to the old document which had outlived its usefulness.

He said the reasons for the failure of the referendum was because some elements in the opposition and some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) went across the country de-campaigning it openly without giving any valid reasons that justified why Zambians should not vote for it. He said the just-ended election was an eye-opener to the Zambians never to entertain leaders who were retrogressive and enemies of development who were only preoccupied with personal glory and opposed anything that the Government of the day did whether right or wrong in order to advance political mileage.

He said trivialising the referendum had grave consequences which mainly affected the ordinary Zambians whose rights and freedoms could have been safe-guarded with the passing of the document.

“The Bill of Rights which has been shelved which afforded an opportunity to the ordinary Zambians to enjoy personal rights and freedoms to make their lives worthwhile but all that has been blown away by the same selfish politicians and this is where the church and rights groups should come out in the open to tell the people the real reason this failed because speculation over the matter will not help us. The opposition shot down this very important document and we are now back to where we started from,” Mr. Musoma lamented.

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