Lusaka den of criminals-residents

 CHAISA and MARAPODI residents have complained bitterly about insecurity in the area and have since called on the police to increase patrols to stop attacks on innocent people.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mike Chanda of Chaisa compound said there was need for concerted efforts to address the rising crime in Lusaka, especially in Chaisa and Marapodi compounds.

Mr. Chanda noted that city dwellers were now living in fear due to the continuous cases of robbery and murder.

He suggested that the community, civic leaders and law enforcers should work together if the issue was to be addressed and that civic leaders should strengthen the neighborhood watch groups.

Kelvin Chaponda also a Chaisa resident said criminals have turned the Ngwerere foot bridge into a hide-out to engineer various crimes.

He said the Ngwerere bridge has been infested with criminals, who are robbing and attacking people, hence the community and civic leaders should work together to ensure there was law and order and people lived in peace.

And Mercy Ngulube of Marapodi compound reiterated the importance of having a crime-free city where every person would live and do their business peacefully.

Ms. Ngulube feared that if the issue was left unaddressed, it would scare away potential investors, stating that it was the duty of every citizen to ensure that crime was fought and eradicated.

“At the moment President Edgar Lungu and Government are working hard to attract foreign investment into the country, therefore it is our duty as citizens to stop crime,’’ she said.

And losing council candidate for Raphael Chota Ward 22, Joseph Tamba, said the fight against crime was in the hands of councillors since they are the ones looking after the areas where these criminal acts are taking place.

“We have to promote the ‘‘know your neighbor’’ initiative to help minimize crime because in doing so, everyone will be able to know who his or her neighbor is, what they do for a living and if they look suspicious they will be reported to the police immediately,” he said.

Assistant police spokesperson Esther Katongo has implored the community to report criminals and suspects to police, saying that was one of the ways they could help in fighting crime.

She said there was need for people to be cooperative and work with the police in apprehending gangsters.

“Some of these criminals live among us, we chat with them and some are even renting our houses; please let us make this city habitable,” Ms Katongo said.