MP donates to Bauleni victims of arson


NEWLY elected Lusaka Central member of Parliament Margret Mwanakatwe has donated assorted food items worth over K35 000 to the elderly and disabled people of Lusaka’s Bauleni compound in Lusaka yesterday.

And Ms Mwanakatwe also visited Katambalala market in Bauleni compound where suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres burnt down a warehouse containing goods worth over K50 000 and several salaula stands in the early hours of yesterday.

Speaking while presenting the items, Ms Mwanakatwe, who is also former Minister of Commerce and Trade disclosed that she was determined to uplift the lives of the elderly, disabled and less privileged people in the constituency.

She said that the donation was just the beginning of her good works in the constituency and that she was going to extend her good deeds to the poor people across Lusaka. Ms Mwanakatwe, however, said that she was saddened that suspected UPND cadres had resorted to pummel innocent marketers.

She said that the marketers, whose goods were gutted, depended on those businesses for their livelihood and that now their lives were in dismay.

Ms Mwanakatwe described the acts of arson as barbaric and that it was wrong to injure the lives of the people striving to better their lives in that way.

“I just received a call around 03:00 that there was a huge fire at katambalala market. A depot where a lot of traders here at the market keep their goods has been burnt down. They were hundreds of chickens in there, groceries and other goods, all burnt. Petrol bombs have been found strategically placed around the market, this was a planned move and it’s very sad that someone can think of doing this to these poor people,” she said.

Ms Mwanakatwe has since promised to construct a modern market in Bauleni compound and take good care of the elderly and disabled persons.

“We have come here to support the vulnerable people who are really suffering without mealie-meal, cooking oil or even sugar. These people need our support and I will with immediate effect build these people a modern market here in Bauleni.

And Ms Mwanakatwe, in an interview with Daily Nation, disclosed that she was going to ensure that police patrols were enhanced around Lusaka.

She said that she was ready to refurbish the city into a modernised cosmopolitan and ensure that its people were empowered and the elderly people well looked after. Ms Mwanakatwe has called on all losing contestants in the just ended elections to work closely with Government in serving the people of Zambia so that they fulfil the promises they made during campaigns.