Why HH lost the August 11 elections


A KITWE -based pastor says opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema lost the August 11 election because of the tag of, tribalism and bitterness which most people see in him.

Pastor Duncan Simuchimba of Kings Church said Mr Hichilema should strive to get rid of the tag of tribalism, hatred and bitterness by condemning evil deeds of his supporters who were attacking non-Tongas and suspected PF members in Southern Province.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday pastor Simuchimba said that by seeminglyvv encouraging his supporters to attack people from other regions, he was exposing himself as a tribal, and bitter leader.

And patron of Marketeers and Vendors Chanda Kabwe has said the beating up of PF cadres and non-Tongas in Southern Province could be perceived to be an instruction from the party leadership.

Mr Kabwe said the beating up PF cadres and non-Tongas after Mr Hichilema lost the elections, it was a clear indication the preaching of mayhem from the party leadership had sunk in the minds of their supporters in the province.

He said Zambians should not be surprised that the UPND cadres in Southern Province had beaten and displaced those who were non-Tongas and sympathizers of the PF because the language of mayhem and Armageddon started from their leader Mr Hichilema.

Some districts of Southern Province like Mazabuka, Choma and others have experienced riots and beating up of PF members and non-Tongas after the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson Esau Chulu announced that the PF Presidential Candidate Edgar Lungu was the duly elected republican President.

“Southern Province is a stronghold for the UPND whose leader Hakainde Hichilema has vowed never to accept the outcome of the August 11 elections. He vowed never to accept the outcome of the elections during campaign time. Two months before the elections, he was already crying and saying he will not concede defeat,

“Apart from not accepting the outcome of the election results, ahead of the August 11 elections, he warned that there will be Armageddon if he lost the elections. So what we are seeing in Southern Province is not surprising because it came from Hichilema himself,” Mr Kabwe said.


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  1. The man,HH,is actually betwixed by election loss,mind my spelling,as I have forgoten the correct spelling,or is it erection,which ever,anyway…Oh yes,I am saying he is betwixed by election loss and presidency loss from the party,therefore he is trying to get into defence mechanism of some kind by trying to save face hence even the apparent willingness to try and get in as a share holder in Govt of national unity.Face has to be saved…but the man needs deliverance from some spirits acquired from the other side which are behind his anger tuntrums,and and he needs to contact Prophet Elijah Chali in lusaka at Jubilee park.He has word for him….

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