Don’t be absentee MPs, Zambezi MPs told


THE people in Zambezi district of North Western Province have urged their newly elected Members of Parliaments not to be absentee MPs.

The district is divided into two – Zambezi East and West constituencies.

Some residents talked to by the Daily Nation in separate interviews said the two constituencies do not need absentee MPs that would only resurface during campaigns to commission a school or health post.

A senior citizen Jonas Samahanda from the West Bank urged the newly elected Member of Parliament Priscah Kucheka to address the challenges the people in the area are faced with.

He said the MP should be available every time Parliament goes on recess so that she can monitor projects and get the people’s complaints personally.

He said Zambezi West has lagged behind in almost every aspect of development because all the previous MPs have not been paying attention to the cries of the people.

And 47-year-old Womba Nyakayombu of Chinyama Litapi area complained that most of the bridges in the area were washed away during the rainy season, hence the need to have them repaired.

She said children and pregnant mothers are most affected in the area.

‘‘That is why we are saying our MP should not relocate now that we have elected her. She understands the challenges we are faced with here, so let her work on them,’’ she said.

And in Zambezi East, residents have called on their newly elected MP, Brian Kambita, to improve the road network in the area.

Mr Steward Kakoma, a peasant farmer of Chieftainess Nyakulen’ga,  said people especially farmers in the area where faced with a challenge of mobility.

‘‘We are aware that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been allocated to the area every year, but how this money has been utilized no one knows. So it is our humble appeal to the MP to prudently use the funds so that we the electorates can benefit,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, youths in the districts have asked their Members of Parliament to empower them with various skills that may help them sustain their lives.