Grizzly mine gets 10-day DC ultimatum


GOVERNMENT has given a 10-day ultimatum to Grizzly Copper Mines Limited to obtain proper documentation on the mining prospecting taking place in Mafita area in Kasempa district.

Speaking during an official visit at the mine site yesterday, Kasempa district commissioner Goodson Sansakuwa said the company doing prospecting in Mafita of Jifumpa area were at the site illegally.

Mr. Sansakuwa said Grizzly Mining consultants were merely using Gempride Mining Limited license which is against the mining regulations, adding that the said license holder has no legal binding with the one at the site.

He said despite Grizzly copper mine carrying out exploration in the game management area, the mining firm should get legal documentation within 10 days or risk facing the law.

Meanwhile, Grizzly copper mine project manager Mwanamwalye Mwangala said the mining firm will comply with all legal procedures within the 10 days ultimatum given.

He said the firm will within the stipulated time avail to Government through the district commissioner’s office the required documents that will allow it to operate at Mafita mine.

Mr. Mwanamwalye assured the district commissioner and his entourage who were visiting the mine that once the mine starts operating, it will focus on empowering the local people in the district.

Mafita is an area situated after Lunga pontoon several kilometers from Buffalo mine in Jifumpa area.