Kalaba preaches unity, harmony


ZAMBIANS are a united people who have long cherished peace and dignity and there is need for citizens to resist the rising cancer of regionalism which is largely anchored by lack of leadership than the disguise of political intolerance, Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Bahati Member of Parliament, said Zambians should not continue to allow the unfolding story of political violence and regionalism which had left the country closer to the abyss of lawlessness and indignity.

“We are a united people who have long cherished our peace and dignity and we must therefore resist this rising cancer in our land that is anchored more on lack of leadership than the disguise of political intolerance it appears to be,” Mr Kalaba said.

He stated that in his personal life, he had never associated or made friendships on the basis of regionalism and that some of his cherished friends were from Central Province.

Mr Kalaba said his wife of many years was from Eastern Province while some of his brothers had married from Southern Province and that the violence which erupted in the region following President Edgar Lungu’s victory was disheartening.

“One of my most cherished friends, Vincent Mupwaya, hails from the Central Province. We have enjoyed a healthy relationship over so many years without bothering about where we come from.

‘‘I have married a beautiful woman who hails from Eastern Province and some of my brothers have married wonderful ladies from the Southern Province. Where does that place our children? Where do they come from?” Mr Kalaba wondered.

Mr Kalaba said Zambia’s tribal integration had well governed the co-existence of citizens which had made the country an admirable haven of peace and political tranquility in the eyes of the world.

He said Zambia was not as divided as politics seemed to suggest and that people fueling the tribal cancer should rethink and reflect on their actions because Zambia was a united country in its social and political diversity.

“This is why we cannot allow the insanity of politics to muzzle what it has taken us over 50 years to build. Those who are fuelling this cancer are engaging our people to pursue a goal without appropriate information.

‘‘Believe me, one may think that a river looks like a gigantic swimming pool, but a little investigation should lead one to understanding that there are many forces in a river that are not found in a swimming pool. So let us not lead our people to pursue something they do not even understand and whose effects may do irreparable damage to our land,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said Zambians should be encouraged by the fact that the country was a place for, of and by the people and that there was no place for tribalism and political intolerance in the country.

Mr Kalaba said Zambians were determined to reclaim their harmony using the unifying and pacifying motto of One Zambia One Nation.