Govt to set up religious ministry


By Nation Reporter

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he will create a new ministry responsible for religion in Zambia once the petition hurdle is passed in order to create a platform that will enhance interaction between religious bodies and the State.

Speaking during the reception service for the newly-elected United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Synod Bishop Rev. Bishop Sydney Sichilima at St. Andrews congregation in Lusaka yesterday, President Lungu said as soon as the petition case with the Constitutional Court was disposed of, he would create a new ministry to oversee the affairs of religious groups in Zambia.

He said there was need to create a ministry that would look into and coordinate religious affairs if the country’s Christian nation declaration was to retain its true meaning as the current situation limited the church’s access to State House.

He reiterated his call to the church to encourage its members to join politics as that was the only sure way that sanity would come to the political platform in Zambia, adding that tribalism and violence was instigated by some politicians who did not live according to Christian values.

“Tribalism and violence are a product of the political process in Zambia and this is why I called on the church to allow its members to join us politicians. Only then shall we overcome this

“Why is it that when we meet in church we don’t talk about tribe? Why is it that when we are watching a football match we don’t talk about tribe? Why is it that when we go elsewhere   even in our social lives we don’t talk about tribe but it is only in politics?

‘‘Probably we should banish politics. Only when you answer to my call to give us your children to take part in politics will there be sanity in the political arena because I don’t see how a person who belongs to the body of Christ can resort to violence because he has lost or wants to win an election,” he said.

And speaking at the same event, UCZ secretary general Rev. Peggy Mulambya Kabonde said there was need for Government and other stakeholders to rethink about ways of adopting the Bill of Rights because the failed referendum was a well-intended undertaking.

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  1. The bible says you will reap what you saw. It is not a place to use for hiding out the crimes we are seeing being given a blind eye.

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