LCC criticized over poor garbage collection

By Nation Reporter

THE continued failure by Lusaka City Council to collect garbage on time has angered traders at Lusaka’s City Market.

They charged that the failure to do so had led to people and traders to start throwing garbage anyhow in the trading area.

The traders charged that it was unfortunate that LCC that was responsible for garbage collection was failing in its duties.

They called on the local authority to intensify its garbage collection programme by ensuring that the bins were emptied in time.

John Tembo a trader at City market said that garbage continued to pile up and now posed a health challenge to many people especially those selling fresh foods like meat in the market.

Mr. Tembo said that it was important for the council to be collecting garbage on time to avoid disease outbreaks in the market.

He said because of the uncollected garbage some customers avoided shopping in the area because of the piled up and smelling garbage.

“Our customers will no longer be buying from here and this will have an impact on our businesses because of the garbage that is not been collected by the council’’,

“A lot of us are going to lose our businesses and some can even get diseases like cholera which is likely to break out in the market if the issue of garbage collection is not dealt with in good time’’, he said.