Cartel caused UPND loss – Kampyongo

THE cartel that schemed to take over State power without the support of Zambians and later melted into the UPND largely contributed to the defeat of the opposition party in the last general elections, Stephen Kampyongo has charged.

Mr Kampyongo said Zambians were angry that the cartel that usurped State authority in the first three and half years of the Patriotic Front (PF) government was determined to take up the country’s governance and turned up in large numbers during the election to protect the country from being balkanised.

Mr Kampyongo, who is Shiwang’andu PF Member of Parliament, said the cartel had infiltrated the governing party and many other strategic State institutions in preparation to take over power without the support of citizens. He said following the death of president Michael Sata, the clique ganged up with some media houses and went on a crusade to demonise President Edgar Lungu in their bid to hijack the PF but Zambians ‘‘stood resolute against the forces of evil and were defeated’’.

He said the PF was going to tread carefully on receiving and accepting defectors and that those whose names were linked to the cartel should never entertain the idea of rejoining the ruling party.

He said the UPND defeat at the hands of the PF was largely due to the cartel which reincarnated in the opposition party after they were purged from the ruling party. Mr Kampyongo said it was evident to Zambians that the UPND had entered into marriage of convenience with the cartel that had caused a lot of misery to many innocent Zambians and could not allow the clique near State power again.

“We had a large number of the cartel members in the PF and when president Sata died, they fought very hard to hijack the PF but Zambians resisted their schemes. Zambians unanimously without liaising just settled for President Lungu.

‘‘The cartel got disgruntled and began to melt away from the PF to the UPND purely for convenience. And the cartel certainly caused the defeat of the UPND at the hands of the PF because Zambians knew that the clique of individuals were bound together for evil schemes,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said for the PF, the next five years would be to ensure President Lungu delivered to the best expectations of Zambians across the country including in regions that had completely rejected the Head of State.

He said God had given the PF a second mandate and that the ruling party and President Lungu were not going to take advantage of the people’s confidence.

“We want President Lungu to deliver. Zambians saw what we did in the last five years despite having lost our president just mid-way in our first term. Let our brothers and sisters from the other side know that there shall be only one president at a time.

‘‘We had some people in the PF who thought were popular and powerful and formed their own parties. Some of them were presidential candidates but could not even get the votes of a constituency across the country,” Mr Kampyongo said.