I’m your prodigal son -Mwaliteta tells Lungu

I AM a prodigal son, an emotionally overwhelmed Obvious Mwaliteta told President Edgar Lungu who yesterday visited Chimbokaila Remand Prison where the former Lusaka Province Minister is incarcerated for aggravated robbery.

Mr Mwaliteta could not hide his emotions after meeting President Lungu at Chimbokaila and the best he could say was that he was a prodigal son who could not believe that the Head of State could find time to visit him (Mwaliteta) and other prisoners.

Mr Mwaliteta said he was missing President Lungu particularly the friendship the two enjoyed and that his time in prison had given him chance to deeply reflect on his life.

He said he never thought he was going to see President Lungu anytime soon following his arrest and incarceration but that he was overjoyed that the Head of State had paid a rare visit to prisoners.

I am overwhelmed with emotions to see you come and visit us prisoners. I am touched by your visit and I can only say I am a prodigal son. My time in prison has given me chance to reflect on my life,” Mr Mwaliteta said.

And President Lungu told Mwaliteta that God was always alive in people’s lives and that the former Lusaka Province should never lose hope.

President Lungu said people often made mistakes in their lives but that there was always chance for anyone to reform and become good citizens in society.

President Lungu yesterday visited Chimbokaila and Kamwala to send a message that society must care for the underprivileged such as prisoners.

President Lungu said the decency of every society was measured by how it treated its prisoners and the underprivileged.

The Head of State has since directed the Zambia Correctional Services to work at decongesting prisons so that the inmates could live in more humane conditions.

President Lungu also directed that all prohibited Immigrants (PIs) should be sent back to their respective countries from where they would be able to complete their prison terms as a means of decongesting prisons in the country.

“We must do all we can to help prisoners. The decency of any society is measured by how it treats its prisoners and other privileged people. People make mistakes in life but do not lose hope because God is always alive in our lives,” President Lungu said.

President Lungi will on Friday donate new cooking pots at Chimbokaila while the Kamwala Remand Prison will receive a donation of books and television sets.

The Prisoners at Kamwala Remand Prison donated a Bible to President Lungu. President Lungu also visited the juvenile, carpentry and tailoring sections.