Lusambo blasts HH, GBM and Nevers


OPPOSITION UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his other leaders will not succeed with their evil schemes because Zambians are able to see through their evil machinations of making the country ungovernable, says Patriotic Front (PF) Kabushi Member of Parliament (MP) Bowman Lusambo.

Mr Lusambo said the evil plans of Mr Hichilema, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) and Nevers Mumba would not succeed.

He said in a statement to the Daily Nation that claims by Dr Mumba that the UPND shall not recognize President Edgar Lungu as a sitting Head of State was both irresponsible and cheap especially coming from a man who once served as republican vice president.

“The recent desperate attempts by UPND’s senior officials to create an environment that makes the country appear ungovernable cannot pass without a comment. Both Mr Hichilema, Mr Mwamba and Dr Mumba should be made aware that Zambians can clearly see through their evil schemes and that they will not succeed.

“The statement by Dr Mumba that the UPND shall not recognize President Edgar Lungu as a sitting Head of State is both irresponsible and cheap especially coming from a man who once served as Republican Vice President.

‘‘As much as Dr Mumba finds it difficult to appreciate the fact that Zambians again voted for President Lungu, we find his utterances completely reckless and plainly unacceptable,” said  Mr Lusambo.

He said further scrutiny of Dr Mumba’s statement revealed that such utterances were part of a grand scheme to make the country ungovernable.

“By stating that Zambia does not have a President, Dr Mumba is inciting law abiding citizens to rise up against an elected government using illegal means. What we also know is that the path that Dr Mumba and his friends in the UPND have taken or appear to be advocating for borders heavily on treason.

“The truth is that Dr Mumba and everyone in the UPND is fully aware of the constitutional provisions that allows for a sitting Head of State to hand over power to himself or herself. So let us make it easier for the UPND leadership to understand; the nation currently has no leadership vacuum at the very top,” he said.

He said Zambia has a sitting Head of State who was re-elected and was holding executive powers, therefore President Lungu deserved to be accorded the necessary respect and decorum that goes with the office of the republican President.

He said Dr Mumba, HH and GBM have had opportunities to serve the Zambian people and records were there to show that they abused these privileges and only catered for their own needs.

“Dr Mumba was appointed Vice President and there is nothing to show for the time he served as Levy Mwanawasa number two. He was unceremoniously fired because he abused his position to serve his own selfish and inflated ego.

“The records of these UPND officials clearly show they cannot be entrusted with public affairs. They are political failures who have no moral authority to question President Lungu’s record in government.

“GBM failed Zambians and the people of Kasama Central in particular. Dr Mumba failed the Zambian people with his poor decision making and Mr Hichilema deprived Zambians of assets that belonged to them all,” he said.

“They are failed politicians who should seriously consider retiring from active politics as their record so far does not inspire any confidence,” he said.

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