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Fr Luonde is lying


The statement by Father Richard Luonde that the Rainbow party is dying is retrogressive. It is him who is sinking because he has no vision, no direction. He has got no agenda that can add value to the party. He just wants to gain political mileage by talking nonsense. The Rainbow party is not dying. It is a new party that is on its test to make sure its colours do not fade.

Jimmy Chindnogo, Rainbow party Matero Youth Chairman,


Boxing in Zambia


Zambian promoters should consider the height of a boxer like what they do in football, Manyuchi did not win! They favoured him. Football, basketball, netball, tennis are better games than boxing.

Concerned citizen, Ndola


Watch out for ‘Marriage



Allow me space in your well balanced and informative paper. Can the authorities take keen interest and keep a watchful eye on the whatsapp page called ‘ Marriage Ministry’  that has in the recent past been defaming and belittling the great efforts of government to the extent of mudslinging the Head of State.

Chris Lwimba


‘Munyemesha makes me laugh’


I could not help but laugh at the advice given to George Lwandamina by Kennedy Munyemesha. My question is, Mr. Munyemesha, do you really watch football, both local and international?

Sampa, Kitwe




Just because you voted for UPND people from other regions are doubting your faith and the church as a whole. Let the title be,’ SDA members who are tribal’.

Spencer William’s, Kabulonga


That HH, GBM war against PF


HH and GBM have waged a war against PF and citizens of this country for trying to ascend to State House. They will never rule this country as long as they are not God fearing. God is great at all times. It’s like David verses Goliath in the Bible. David was a God fearing person and so he conquered Goliath.

Julius Kazembe, Lusaka


Is media fuelling violence?


I would like to express my disappointment in the way the media is covering national issues like the violence we are faced with. Don’t cover people who speak on party lines and point fingers at others. We have people who you can cover and help find a solution to national challenges. Not Frank Bwalya and some pastors we see on national television stations.

Wamunyima. W 


Bravo ECL!


Congratulations your Excellency on your victory. You are a hero for many and a failure only to fools. God bless you.

James Siwila, Ndola


My advice to HH


For you to be a good leader in future, accept these results now and preach peace in your strongholds. You are almost there. Don’t be misled with wrong information from your followers.



Foreign CPJI told to shut up


CPJ I consists of a bunch of fools who just want to play to the gallery. How do they conclude that Muvi, Komboni and Itezhi-Itezhi radio stations are innocent? Why are they not talking about UPND’s violence in Southern Province? Are there no laws in America where this organization is based? By the way, we can do without these stations. The Post was closed but news continues from other tabloids. Kamwini kalibe nkhoko m’nkhali. ZICTA is maintaining sanity here in Zambia. To hell with useless organizations that do not matter to us.




HH, GBM do not make sense


The call by Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for the international community intervention does not make any sense in that the two men are playing with the lives of innocent citizens. These known liars are the ones torching homes and markets but at the same time calling for help to quench off the fires. This is total madness. Two weeks ago the international community commended the people of Zambia and its elections as having been free, fair, transparent and credible. These two characters are birds of the same feather. Alarmists who need to be arrested now.

John Chilima, Lusaka

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  1. Wat this guys GBM and HH are doing doesn’t make any sense at all cos politics are morest like foot ball being played by zambia vs congo. Thwre fore if one team wins the other should accept that, Than to refuse and If not that also if it comes out draw let the penolts be given so that people go with crear imfomation of who wins and who loosws dont waste the gornment time to work. Petitions are taking time for us zambian people. Infact there many thibgs to happen that waits for the goverment to be in power thats wen it can molve so pliz helps HH and your coligue GBM.

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