UPND turning to witchcraft to unseat Lungu – DC


THE opposition UPND is alleged to have approached a traditional leader in Sinazongwe who has promised to give them medicines to help the party win the court case in which it is petitioning the re-election of President Edgar Lungu in the Constitutional Court.

Kitwe district commissioner and patron of Marketeers and Vendors Chanda Kabwe told the Daily Nation in Lusaka that both UPND and PF officials in Sinazongwe had informed the ruling party that senior UPND officials had approached a traditional leader in Sinazongwe who has promised to give them witchcraft to help the party win the case in which it was petitioning the re-election of President Lungu.

He, however, said any use of witchcraft by UPND will not succeed because PF and President Lungu have always been prayerful and seeking God’s guidance in difficult times.

“We may have our own weaknesses as a party because we are human beings, but we are led by a President Lungu who has been prayerful and always seeking God’s guidance in difficult times because we believe in God.

‘‘So for those who believe in witchcraft, let them go and seek witchcraft from their traditional leaders.

“We will see who is greater between witchcraft and God.

‘‘We are not surprised that some opposition leaders can seek the powers of witchcraft especially that they have been rubbishing prayers and calling clergymen and women that they are agents of the devil. Witchcraft and satanism have very severe consequences, but faith in God gives eternal life,” Mr Kabwe said.

And Mr Kabwe has said former television evangelist and now politician Dr Nevers Mumba was an embarrassment to the church because he has continued to lose respect from Zambians who have continued to reject him.

He said it was sad that because of his desire to live a comfortable and luxurious life, Dr Mumba was now supporting ‘‘evil things’’ and issuing statements that bordered on inciting Zambians.

“I am sorry to say this, but I must say that Dr Mumba has been an embarrassment to his fellow clergymen. At the rate Dr Mumba was moving when he started preaching on television, he would have been a very respectable person and a source of inspiration, but he has stripped himself of the respect which he had.

“Yes, he has stripped himself of the respect he had because most of the statements he has been making are utter nonsense; a heap of rubbish. Surely, how does a clergyman issue statements that aim at inciting people?

He said it was sad that Dr Mumba had been rejected by Zambians because ‘‘whatever he touches crumbles, starting from the time he was appointed republican Vice-President’’.

“Dr Mumba was appointed Vice President to the late Levy Mwanawasa and he has nothing to show for the time he served as Levy Mwanawasa’s number two. He was unceremoniously fired because he abused his position to serve his own selfish and inflated ego.

“Dr Mumba failed the Zambian people with his poor decision making. Even in MMD when he was dubiously elected party president, he failed to run the party. The party crumbled. He is a failure. Even at his Victory church, he failed to build even a toilet. What kind of a leader is he?

“His interest is not to lead but living in luxury. Dr Mumba has forced me to come out like this because his language has not been pleasant. We have tried to ignore his utterances and give him respect, but he is always attacking President Lungu.

“In PF, President Lungu is our father and so if Nevers attacks President Lungu, then he is attacking his children. Nevers Mumba is a political failure who has no moral authority to question President Lungu’s record in Government,” he said.