Arrest HH, Post newspaper- PF lawyer


HAKAINDE Hichilema and the Post Newspaper should be  arrested  and cited for contempt of the Constitutional Court for commenting on matters they have asked the court to deliberate on PF lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has said.

It was criminal, he said, for Hichilema and the Post to publish an advertisement that seemed to suggest that the Constitutional court had agreed with their interpretation of the law.

He said it was clear that Mr Hichilema and the Post Newspaper were trying to pre-empt the decision of the Constitutional Court in his desire to cause instability and chaos in Zambia.

It had become abundantly clear that Mr Hichilema had no respect for the courts and their proceedings of law and that was why he had continued disparaging and insulting the judiciary.

“That advertisement is tantamount to a serious contempt of the constitutional court because they have not only challenged the election of the President but have submitted an additional claim suggesting that the speaker should take over power.” He said.

The Concourt, he said, had not deliberated on either matter.

Mr Ngulube who is Kabwe Central member of Parliament (MP) said judgment had not yet been delivered but the UPND leader had continued with impunity to comment on the matter.

Mr Ngulube said while the Zambian police were not expected to receive directives from politicians, it was important for the service to take keen interest in criminal acts of Mr Hichilema and Post Newspaper that caused the contemptuous publication of a press statement by the opposition leader on matters that were before the court.

“Mr Hichilema has in the meantime continued commenting on the two matters and he has even colluded with the Post Newspaper to have the contemptuous statement published. The police should take interest in this matter,” said Mr Ngulube.

Mr Ngulube warned that the law would soon catch up with Mr Hichilema whom he claimed had abused the courts and their processes apart from committing offences that bordered on treason.