New ministry will curb ‘fake men of God’


SOME men of God in Lusaka have welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s plans to create ministry responsible for religious affairs to promote Christian values and give more meaning to the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

Pastor Peter Mumba, overseer of Messiah International Ministries Pentecostal church in Makeni area, said only people with evil minds were against the pronouncement.

Pastor Mumba noted that ‘religion plays a huge role in the daily affairs of our country and so it is  imperative to have the ministry in place’’ and that the proposed ministry will bring sanity in the church and curb  the so-called fake pastors.

Apostle Nicolas Mwanangombe of New Word Church in Kamanga compound said once the ministry is put in place every individual would benefit from it spiritually because it will help reduce the high levels of immorality, such as suspected ritual killings and prostitution.

He said plans to create the ministry is long overdue and hoped that the issue of ‘‘fake men of God’’ will be tackled as well as the mushrooming of unregistered churches.

Apostle Mwanangombe said some men of God were taking advantage of people who were in need of salvation by swindling them and others being abused, defiled or raped.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza has appealed to President Lungu to put in place a consultative process in order to set up a structure for the proposed ministry.

Pentecostal Fellowship of Zambia (PFZ) executive director Naison Nyonyo said creation of the ministry would help flush out churches operating illegally, including those who hid behind the church to engage in illegal activities.

Bishop Nyonyo, who is also Church of God Cathedral of Miracles senior pastor, said the church is a big institution which required representation.

‘‘We would like to commend President Lungu for thinking in that direction, we will continue praying for him and this country,’’ he said.