Petition abuse condemned

THE UPND and their sponsoring cartel, which have been rejected by the people through the ballot box are abusing court petitions to subvert the democratic will of the people in a complete mockery of the democratic process.

“Zambians in seven of the 10 Provinces of this country stood in long queues to reject the UPND. This decision must be respected because victory must come through the ballot box and not and judgments obtained through clever lawyers. You cannot cheat the people of their victory through judges.”  Dr. Jonathan Chongo has said.

“Elections are won through the ballot box and not through courts. Any attempt by the UPND and its sponsor the cartel to subvert the people democratic right will not be tolerated.” He said.

Dire consequences would result from any attempt to supplant the people’s will.

Mr Mumba has said that the UPND was committed to make the Zambia ungovernable by unnecessarily petitioning the re-election of President Lungu.

Mr Mumba who is National Revolution Party (ZRP) president said that threats by losing UPND parliamentarians that they would petition all the seats won by the PF were nothing but a scheme to bring about instability in the country.

Mr Mumba warned that overloading the courts with unnecessary election petitions would be a waste of time.

And Sunday Chanda says the UPND should not think that they are smart by directing all their losing candidates in the just ended election to petition the results because they are opening a Pandora’s box of their rigging activities in the Southern Province.

Commenting on the directive by UPND to its candidates to petition all parliamentary seats won by the PF, Mr. Chanda said the UPND was exposing itself to serious litigation as it was clear that massive electoral malpractices in the Southern Province took centre stage as there was no way a province which did not have the highest number of voters registered could have recorded the highest voter turnout.

He said while it was within the party’s constitutional right to seek legal redress when it felt that its rights were trampled upon, the UPND was treading on dangerous ground as its decision was bound to boomerang, adding that the PF was ready to go to court to further expose the UPND’s illegal activities in the just-ended election.

“The nightmare they have is that they have very few numbers of MPs compared to what we have and they are misleading themselves that they have a chance to reduce the deficit through petitions but they should realise that they are opening a Pandora’s box which is bound to boomerang on them because we know that results from Southern Province were manufactured and manipulated and that is how they had a bigger turnout than the Copperbelt,” Mr Chanda said.

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  1. Banarbas Mambo says:

    Zambians are just too corrupte why can’t you listen to peoples views