Politicians should contribute to peace efforts – Osborn


OPPOSITION politicians have been warned against playing roles of spoilers in the running of the country’s affairs but should find a way of contributing positively to the peace, security and national development, says  former Copperbelt Show Society chairman Bill Osborn.

Mr Osborn said it was imperative that politicians from both ruling and opposition parties to be focussed on safeguarding the peace and security of the nation.

They should also be involved in better ways of achieving economic recovery and national development.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday Mr Osborn said that it would be irresponsible and unpatriotic for any politician to engage in any form of sabotage to gain political mileage.

“Any politician who aspires to lead Zambia one day or the other, he or she should not be a spoiler. He or she should not get involved in activities that are destructive but should find ways of contributing positively to the nation so that he or she can win the confidence of the people, especially if they are in the opposition.

“A responsible politician should ensure that his actions look at safeguarding the peace and security of the nation and also look at better ways of achieving economic recovery and national development,” Mr Osborn said. Mr Osborn said Zambia’s economic potential had not gone away, but was waiting to rise up again once the country’s political climate stabilized.

He was happy that despite the other challenges the country was facing, the exchange rate had remained stable, a situation he said was a good omen for the future of the economy.

He said the most important thing was to get the political situation resolved as soon as possible so that investors, businessmen and women and other things could start operating freely.