Disbanding ECZ?


“IT DOES not matter the outcome of the petition in the Constitutional Court with the current leadership at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and existing electoral laws and regulations which are ignored with impunity,” the FDD leader Ms Nawakwi charged.

In an apparent reference to ECZ Chairperson Justice Esau Chulu, Ms Nawakwi said that it is wishful thinking that you can get a ruling by FIFA that the match between Zambia and Gabon was by a hand penalty and go back to the same Mr Dilamba to referee the next match.

This was in her call for the disbanding of the ECZ and immediate resignation of the ECZ commissioners for alleged unprofessional conduct and ineptitude during the August general elections.

The FDD leader made mouthful and wild allegations against the ECZ officials, ranging from lack of transparency to attacking the ECZ Chairperson Justice Chulu.

The FDD leadership must be cognisant of the basic fact that the ECZ officials are as human as they are. Therefore, they are not perfect beings.

It is unimaginable for any politician to demand and expect the ECZ to preside over the electoral process perfectly. No election is perfect! As such any imperfections affect the entire election and not only the opposition party.

However, it is no secret that the opposition political parties in this country have always championed a spirited campaign to demonise and discredit the credibility of the ECZ.

We think that pointing accusing fingers at the ECZ is synonymous with election losers.

In the unlikely event that FDD won the just ended elections, would its leadership accuse the ECZ officials of ineptitude? We do not think so.

It is quite shocking that the FDD leadership can choose to cast aspersions on the ECZ’s transparent manner of handling the electoral management.

There is great need to correct the miscued impression some election stakeholders are determined to create.

In our view, the ECZ has been most transparent in the manner they presided over the electoral process right from the selection process of the printer of election materials to the counting of votes after the polling day.

To impute that the ballot papers printed in Dubai lacked security features is totally misplaced.

The ECZ held a stakeholders meeting at which its officials gave cogent reasons for preferring the Dubai-based printer to the others.

And among the reasons advanced was the capability of the printer to print the ballot papers with requisite security features. Why should FDD question the security features on the ballot now?

We are certain that all political parties, including the FDD, and civil society organisations, had assigned their respective representatives to accompany the ECZ officials to Dubai to witness the printing of the election materials.

Going by the foregoing, none of the party representatives complained that ballot papers lacked security features.

To call for the disbanding of the electoral body is tantamount to calling for the dissolution of FDD merely because they lost the August elections. Does it make sense?

We do not think calling for the disbanding of the ECZ and the resignation of its commissioners is the right thing to do in a quest to have a near-perfect electoral system.

The so-called educated FDD leadership must at least know that making mere corruption allegations of some electoral managers will not cure the problem.

If the FDD leadership have evidence of corruption, the prudent thing to do was to report the culprits to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for investigation and prosecution.

We challenge the FDD leadership to rise above petty politics and substantiate their claims by reporting the corrupt elements at ECZ to the relevant authority.

We would like to urge political parties to desist from making unwarranted and wild allegations just for the sake of it.

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