Presidential Election petition affecting business


MARKETEERS in various parts of Zambia have said  that the uncertainty being caused by the Presidential petition by the opposition UPND in the Constitutional Court is having adverse effects on the economic, political and social circles.

The Marketeers and Vendors  Association speaking through their patron Chanda Kabwe said the UPND and its cartel, through the petition had brought business to a standstill because people were holding on to their money.

Mr Kabwe who is Kitwe district commissioner said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the decision to petition the Presidential election results and subject the country to uncertainty was a clear indication that the UPND leadership wanted to get into government at all costs regardless of whatever happens to the people.

“A selfless leader does not fight for leadership to the bitter end, but looks at the interests of the people before his own, but it appears in UPND, the leadership looks at its own interests rather than that of the people,

“Whatever consequences the petition has brought to Zambians, the UPND does not care, what it cares about is to fight for leadership in the courts of law. The UPND is not worried about the uncertainty being caused by this Presidential petition which it has filed in the Constitutional Court,” he said

“The opposition party is not worried that the uncertainty caused by the petition is having adverse effects on the economic, political and social status of Zambians.

“It is really surprising that even after reading messages of congratulations from the United States of America, the European Union Commission and the international observers to President Edgar Lungu, the UPND still wants to continue pushing the matter,” Mr Kabwe said.

Mr Kabwe said the UPND leadership should behave like President Michael Sata who conceded defeat after losing a number of elections and urged his supporters to desist from any form of violence.

“Even if he suspected foul play in the elections, President Sata did not preach mayhem or Armageddon to his supporters or go to court to petition and create uncertainty, but preached peace.


“But because he was destined to become republican President, he was elected republican  President in 2011. So you don’t need to force yourself on leadership. No. if you are destined to become republican President, you will be elected President one day,” He said.