Build more mental hospitals, says Sinkamba


GREEN Party has bemoaned the lack of adequate mental health care institutions in Zambia, stressing that there was need for Government to build mental hospitals in all provinces of the country.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Green party president Peter Sinkamba disclosed that his plan for the health sector in Zambia would have been to build mental hospitals in all the 10 provinces of Zambia.

He wondered how a country like Zambia could have only one mental institution (Chainama hospital) when it had a very high population and high number of mental patients.

Mr Sinkamba said that mental health care was one of the conditions that had been seriously neglected in Zambia.

“In Zambia, mental health care is one of the conditions that has been seriously neglected. There is only one mental hospital, Chainama hospital. Our plan as Greens was to build at least one mental health care institution in each province so that they are able to deal with all mental issues,” he said.

And Mr Sinkamba said that there was need for each prison facility in the country to have its own fully furnished clinic so that inmates were not taken to civilian hospitals.

He said that he was saddened by the way prisoners were being chained to their sick beds when admitted to public hospitals.

Mr Sinkamba said that it was wrong to subject any person to such inhuman treatment in spite of the position that person was in.

He said that prisoners should have their own health facilities within the prison premises so that they were just put under guard when bedridden.

“Each prison must have a fully-fledged hospital, and not a situation where prisoners are taken to civilians’ hospitals and then they are chained to beds. That is inhuman! You cannot treat people of God like that. There is need to build hospitals within the prisons so that sick prisoners are treated from there without being chained,” said Mr Sinkamba.

Meanwhile, Mr Sinkamba disclosed that Marijuana could be used in the treatment of cancer and other heart diseases.

He said that marijuana was the main ingredient used when manufacturing drugs and that it was also used for the production of nutritional supplements.

Mr Sinkamba said that Government could venture into producing nutritional supplements on a large scale to earn more revenue for the country.

He said that Government could use such initiatives to raise money and pump it back into the health sector so that they could build more hospitals and procure more drugs, which he said were in short supply in Zambia.