Child marriage not our culture-chief


CHIEF Chipepo of the Tonga people of Southern Province has pledged to continue working towards ending early marriage and gender based violence (GBV) in the country.

The traditional leader made the pledge in an interview with the Daily Nation.

He said the two vices still remained a huge concern in the country and required continuous attention by all stakeholders.

Chief Chipepo noted that promoting gender equality and ending child marriages was a responsibility that every Zambian should embrace.

He said he would continue to ensure that his subjects desist from acts that violate women’s rights and that of young girls.

“Most of these GBV problems are thought to be cultural yet they are not, but because it has been consistently happening people now attribute it to be part of culture.

“Many of our children do end up in early marriages because parents sometimes are involved in domestic violence and don’t take care of their children. It is therefore our time as traditional leaders to intervene and steer the community into knowing the rights of children,” Chief Chipepo said. He also reiterated the need to empower women and girls in the country.

He said women and girls’ empowerment was essential to development since it dealt with two of the hardest working people in communities.