Drama at Concourt

THERE was drama and commotion yesterday morning when UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrived with a horde of officials and bodyguards to attend the Constitutional Court proceedings.

Security officers refused to admit the delegation, insisting that only Mr. Hichilema could enter the court.

A shouting match then ensued between the officials and the delegation with Mr. Hichilema insisting that his officials be allowed into the court.

The standoff then degenerated into a shouting match, attracting public attention, until senior security officials intervened and allowed Mr Hichilema and only two bodyguards to enter.

There was tight security at the ConCourt yesterday. All participants were asked to leave their phones outside. They were also subjected to an electronic scan.

Meanwhile, displaced people from Namwala have expressed extreme sadness and disappointment that the Church mother bodies have refused to acknowledge their suffering.

They noted that in spite of the suffering they underwent the bodies instead chose to address political issues rather than the political persecution to which they had been subjected.

“I have lost everything and I expected the bishops to say something about it but nothing. They are talking politics instead. This is not fair; they should address the people who are bearing the brunt of the violence,’’ one of the victims said.

Early this week the three mother bodies issued a statement condemning intimidation of the ConCourt and suggesting that the media was being  muzzled.

One thought on “Drama at Concourt

  1. those bishopes must jst stape down coz they are up to no good they saw wat huppened in namwala.any way they are huppy to see people surfer coz they did not condaim what took place in namwala.but they are bz tolking on behalf of movie tv and komboni radio who where insiting violance what type of bishops are these guys.

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