Int’l Organisation honours Zambian Literacy advocate


THE International Literacy Association (ILA) under its programme dubbed “30 Under 30 list” has honoured Zambian Association of Literacy (ZALIT) executive director Shuko Musemangezhi for his dedication to advancing literacy through  programs of social education and recreation activities across the country.

ILA executive director, Marcie Craig Post said Mr. Musemangezhi was selected for his unique contribution to advancing literacy through providing programs of social education and recreation activities in a safe and sound environment.

Ms. Post said Mr. Musemangezhi was honoured because his organisation puts special emphasis on helping youth and children become very aware and independent citizens in society as it was committed to preparing young people for participation and harnessing of appropriate values.

She said literacy had the ability to make and communicate meaning from and by the use of a variety of socially contextual symbols through its four strands of language; reading, writing, speaking and listening and that Mr. Musemangezhi had demonstrated his desire to increase literacy levels among the Zambian communities.

He said within various levels of developmental ability, a literate person could derive and convey meaning, and use their knowledge to achieve a desired purpose or goal that required the use of language skills, be it spoken or written.

“The work of Shuko Musemangezhi is closely intertwined with our mission to transform lives through literacy, so we are thrilled to welcome him to our growing list of ‘30 Under 30’ honourees. Today, there are still 781 million people around the world who can’t read or write, 126 million of whom are youth.

This list highlights the next class of leaders who are taking steps to advance literacy and helping us reverse those alarming statistics. This institution recognises the next generation of young innovators, advocates and educators who are leading efforts to advance literacy for all, whether in their community or around the world,” Mr. Post said.

This year’s ILA ‘30 Under 30 list’ includes rising leaders from 12 countries and several sectors. It includes non-profit leaders, classroom teachers, authors, volunteers, researchers, and social entrepreneurs, each of whom has created and implemented an initiative that has directly improved the quality of literacy instruction or increased access to literacy tools in the classroom, community and or online.

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  1. Congratulations to mr is indeed of great importance that literacy levels in african countries are paid attention too

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