Today’s text messages

Ethnic violence in Southern Province


Allow me to comment on recent violence that broke out in UPND strongholds.  I want to appeal to HH to compensate the affected families who suffered the attack with his blessing because this is a man who said there will be Armageddon if he loses the 11th August elections. My advice to Dr. Nervers Mumba is to stop issuing careless statements to the media; he is supposed to counsel HH and GBM to stop the violence. Shimenya Nsang’anyi


Zambia was a united country


Zambia was a united country

Zambia was known as a united nation among nations back then unlike it is now because of politics. Pastors, reverends, bishops and gospel artists are now called cadres because of money they gain in political engagements. The Lord said, “Nation will rise against nation” and now this applies to church congregants. Readers all over the country, let’s stand in prayer against all things that want to separate us. Gospel artist Muleya. S. Muluti: Chishimba, Kasama


Abrogating the Constitution


I learnt with dismay the decision of the Constitutional Court to start trial of the UPND presidential election petition on Friday 2nd September 2016 which is outside the 14 days allowed for petition hearing and resolution. Has the Constitutional Court become a High Court? Fourteen days elapsed on Thursday 1st September 2016 if counted from the date when the presidential election results were announced by ECZ chairperson. In my view, if the respondent lawyers agree to this, they would be abrogating the Constitution, which is illegal. I would demand for arbitration on the matter.

Everest Ngalande, Ndola


Pride delayed the inauguration


Pride is behind the delay of the inauguration of the President-elect. What the petitioners fail to grasp is that God Almighty chooses leaders especially in nations like Zambia which by their conscious choice have made God their God and leader. Jehovah  shuns the proud. That is why even the margin of defeat was left tantalizingly close. Evil people will choke to death. Citizen


God detests the proud


The people strategically delaying the pending inauguration are a proud lot who cannot easily accept the will of the Zambian people. They seem to think that their time has come. Unfortunately for them, God ordains leaders who make a conscious decision to ask God Almighty to lead them such as was done by the late President F.T.J Chiluba (MHSRIP). True followers of Christ are humble, sincere and full of love. God detests the proud. May God deliver the plotters of evil. Citizen


Mwaliteta – the prodigal son


The story of Obvious Mwaliteta on the front page of the Daily Nation edition 30th August 2016, talking to President Lungu at Chimbokaila prison, broke my heart. From a dignified and inspirational position of minister to a disgraceful aggravated robbery suspect simply makes sad reading. Just how can one expect a country to move forward with such caliber of people in ministerial positions? It however serves as reminder to would-be appointing authorities in future to critically scrutinize the appointees for the good of the country.

Aggrieved citizen


We must value life


God created us using his united voice and said,’ let us make man’ meaning he values this principle. My fellow country men, women and youth, inclusive of people from all diverse religious backgrounds, we all need peace. Our life’s successes put together cannot buy it once it is lost. The one you want to kill using all manner of ways needs life like you. Think about it and imagine the way you would feel if such was done to you. Let love speak. Pastor Prince Kabala