Grade 12 pupil fined K5, 000 for impregnating girl


A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has fined an 18 year-old grade twelve pupil K5000 after he readily admitted deflowering and impregnating a 17-year-old girl.

Senior Presiding Magistrate Abbishine Michelo sitting at Kanyama Local Court ordered the juvenile of Kanyama compound to compensate Bernadette Mwanza, 39, of the same compound after finding him guilty of deflowering and impregnating her daughter

Mwanza told the court that she discovered that her daughter was pregnant in April 2016 and that when she asked her she told her the name of the culprit.

She explained that she took her daughter to the boy’s parents but they were told that they have a funeral and when they wanted to leave her behind she was chased.

Mwanza said a weeks  later they again went to the boy’s home but they were told by his mother that he was too young to impregnate a woman and the girl’s party was chased away for the second time

In defence, the boy denied responsibility although he knew the girl as his neighbour and they played together, adding that he  was also aware that the girl flirted with different men.

But the girl told the court the culprit was her boyfriend who he proposed love to her in 2011 and made love on March 9 and 10 this year at his friends’ house by the name of Misheck.

She said after making love, she even asked him if he would deny responsibility if she fell pregnant and he told her he would accept.

When she conceived, she told the boy about it but he told her not to tell him again because he would stab her with a knife.

Magistrate Michelo said that the girl who was the key witness said the two made love on two occasions at the boy’s friend and that he failed to challenge her.

Mr Michelo ordered the boy to pay K5, 000 fine with an initial payment of K500 followed by monthly instalment of K250 and that if he still doubted, he was free to go for DNA test when the child was six months old.