Man marries another woman because his wife is too tired to make love


A 35-YEAR-OLD man narrated before a Local Court in Lusaka that he married another woman because his wife was always tired every time he wanted to make love to her.

Frank Mwanza, of Kanyama compound, was testifying in a case in which his wife, Beatrice Phiri, 32, sued him for reconciliation.

Mwanza, however, said that he was ready to reconcile with his wife.

The two got married in 1999 and have two children.

Phiri told Senior Court Magistrate Abbishine Michelo sitting at Kanyama Local Court that since she got married, Mwanza had been beating her almost on a daily basis.

She explained that Mwanza would chase her from the bedroom and follow her to the kitchen to beat.

Phiri further said that Mwanza married another woman and that he stopped eating and bathing from the matrimonial home, adding that he bought a car but he doesn’t want her to get a ride in it.

In defence, Mwanza said that problems started in 2003 when Phiri started drinking beer under the influence of bad friends who played cards despite marrying her from the village.

Mwanza explained that when he complained about beer drinking, Phiri would tell him that he did not own a house in Lusaka and insulted him.

Mwanza further told the court that they sat on many occasions to try and resolve the matter but Phiri still kept to the bottle and that on Christmas day when she came home in her drunken stupor, she cooked rice like nshima.

Mwanza denied beating Phiri but said that when he complained about her reckless beer drinking habit, she would get her blankets and go to sleep in the kitchen.

“I married another woman in 2014 because Phiri was saying that she is tired whenever I wanted to make love to her and she would say that I should marry another woman.

“Sometimes, Phiri sleeps facing the opposite direction and when I ask her, she would say that she wants fresh air,” said Mwanza.

When asked by the court whether she drinks beer, Phiri said that she stopped a long time ago.

Magistrate Michelo said that though Mwanza said he loved Phiri, he was just lying because he did not allow her to get into his car and that he denied her conjugal rights but relieved himself with another woman.

He, however, reconciled the couple since they were both willing to do so.