State ready to assist investors


STATE House is open and ready to listen to some of the challenges which investors are currently facing in Zambia, special assistant to the President for Policy, Project Monitoring, Lucky Mulusa has said.

And Mr Mulusa said the State was happy with the massive local investment in Zambia because it was contributing to the nation’s social and economic growth.

Mr Mulusa said this on Friday when he inspected and toured the Amatheon Agric Zambia, a European agri-business and food processing company headquartered in Berlin, German and operating in Sub-Saharan Africa among them Uganda and Zambia.

Amatheon Agric Zambia operates in Chief Kaindu’s area in Mumbwa district with an initial investment is $60 million.

Mr Mulusa told the agriculture firm that State House would help the company return its suspended airdrone licence and civil aviation operations after Amatheon Agri Zambia Managing Director Troy Minne told him that the licence had been suspended.

“We have listened to your challenges and we should be able to join hands and see how we can resolve the challenges you have highlighted such as the Civil Aviation licence. I cannot see any entity with this kind of investment that can operate without the use of an airplane,” Mr Mulusa said.

Mr Mulusa, however, said that he was impressed with the company for achieving the sustainable and economic development beyond contributing towards economy growth.

“Your mere production of crops here adds to economic growth and beyond that, we are achieving sustainable development because you are empowering the local people by making sure that they own the means of contribution towards the country’s economic growth,” he said.

And managing director Minne said the commercial farm had currently invested US $60 million in the agriculture sector and was expected to double its investment to the tune of U$120 million in the next six months.

Mr. Minne said the investment was injected in wheat, maize, soya beans, animal husbandry and an out-grower scheme since inception five years ago in 2011.

He further disclosed that additional US $10 million would be invested to construct 10.2 thousand cubic litre dams for irrigational purposes in the area.

Mr Minne commended Government for the good fiscal economic policies set in the agricultural sector.

He said Amatheon Agri Zambia was committed to uplifting the lives of people in communities, empowering them economically, socially besides adhering to the country’s labour laws and environmental effects attached to agricultural activities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulusa appealed to Amatheon Agri-Zambia Management to consider rolling out its operations in other provinces such as Eastern, Northern, North-Western and Muchinga provinces because they were equally economically viable and potentially situated.