Correct the mess, ConCourt told


THE Constitutional Court has discredited itself by unconstitutionally extending by four days the period to hear the UPND petition seeking the nullification of President Edgar Lungu’s re-election and its legitimacy has been fractured irrepairably, Edwin Lifwekelo has charged.

Mr Lifwekelo, who is former UPND deputy spokesperson, said the Constitutional Court had created anarchy and a constitutional crisis by breaching the country’s supreme law meant to protect and had, therefore, lost its legitimacy.Mr Lifwekelo said the extension by four days from the 14 day constitutional limit had not only undermined the hearing process of the UPND petition but had certainly compromised its final decision in the matter.

Mr Lifwekelo, who is now Patriotic Front (PF) member, said the hearing of the UPND petition against the re-election of President Lungu had been compromised, had become porous and that the decision of the Constitutional Court would easily be questioned.

He observed that President Lungu’s lawyers would easily refuse to be part of the hearing on Monday on account that the Constitutional Court had become illegitimate and being part of it would be promoting constitutional anarchy.Mr Lifwekelo said the impartiality of the Constitutional Court had been brought under serious question and that its decision would be highly suspicious on account that the Court had decided to breach the Constitution to please and sooth the individual feelings of leaders of a political party.“The Constitutional Court has breached the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, by illegally extending the 14 days constitutional limit within which a petition challenging the election of a President should be heard. The Constitutional Court’s decision to extend by four days against the 14 days limit is said to be premised on democracy…but there can never be democracy in a constitutional crisis. This is anarchy and President Lungu should refuse to be party of a group of people mutilating the Constitution. In fact, the whole process has become porous and its decision will definitely be suspicious by both parties,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

He said it had become abundantly clear that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba had no evidence to prove their allegations that the results of the last general elections were manipulated.