Youths in Lusaka call for empowerment

YOUTHS in Lusaka have called on the newly elected Members of Parliament and Councillors to empower them.

They lamented that they did not have recreational facilities, prompting them to engage in illicit behaviour such as drugs and alcohol abuse.

“Majority of young people in Lusaka are unemployed and they don’t not have any recreational facilities so that’s why they resort to drinking,” some of the youths said.

According to one youth Kelvin Zimba, there was need for both MPs and Councillors to implement youth policies which were already in place.

“Our leaders should make it possible for young people to contribute to the country’s economic growth by implementing the youth policies to empower young people. The Youth Empowerment Funds should be made accessible to them,”” he said

Mr. Zimba also stressed on the need for the business community to have a pivotal role in the matter.

He urged the business community to initiate projects that would empower young people.

Another youth Martha Mwenya implored Lusaka leaders to help the people by improving water reticulation.

She noted that water supply was erratic in many parts of Lusaka and that people depended on water kiosks.

“Water still remains a challenge in some areas in Lusaka, so we are requesting our new leaders to look into this issue and help us,” she said.