Condemned peanut butter sales angers Lusaka residents


LUSAKA residents have expressed dismay at the discovery of expired Lyons peanut butter which they said is posing a health risk.

A concerned resident of Chelstone township Musonda Phiri said that she was disappointed that the Lyons peanut butter had been declared unfit for consumption after spending K35 and feeding her nine month daughter on the same food.

Ms Phiri said it was surprising that the same product was still on sale in some reputable retail outlets, adding that unsuspecting mothers were likely continue  buying the same condemned product.

She appealed to the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) to be proactive and prevent the entry of such products into Zambia and  urged consumer bodies to take keen interest in the matter as it was not only a financial loss but a health hazard to citizens.

“I have just learnt about this issue today (Tuesday) that the Zambia Bureau of Standards has declared the Lyons peanut butter hazardous for consumption.

“I have been feeding my nine-year-old daughter the same food but I will now just throw it away. The surprising thing is that the same product is still on shelves and I wonder how relevant authorities did not carry out tests to determine whether the food was fit or not. I hope consumer bodies will take keen interest in this case,” she said.

A check at some small shops commonly known as ‘‘tuntemba’’ in Chainda revealed that the Lyons peanut butter was still in stock and was being sold for K25  in one litre jars.

Another resident of Chainda expressed ignorance on the matter explaining that she was not aware that Lyons peanut butter was declared unfit for consumption but that she preferred homemade peanut butter.

ZABS has seized over 11,000 by 1 litre containers of peanut butter valued at more than K300,000 after the product failed to meet the required food standards.