Kalomo youth agree to celebrate PF victory


YOUTHS in Kalomo have put aside their political differences and are expected to hold cerebrations to mark President Edgar Lungu’s victory tomorrow as planned before the elections.

Kalomo District Youth Association (KDYA) interim president Reuben Kayoba has told the Daily Nation that the youths in the district will hold a party to celebrate President Lungu’s victory, adding that the event will be non-partisan as agreed long before the elections that the youths would come together to celebrate the victory of whoever would win.

Mr. Kayoba said funds had been released by association treasurer Irvine Mbanga as agreed, adding that the cerebrations had been delayed due to the UPND petition in the Constitutional Court which has since been thrown out on Monday.

He said time it was time for the country to heal and forge head and that his association was impressed that the youths in the district had remained united after the elections as peace had continued to prevail despite some regions recording incidents of violence following the elections.

Mr Kayoba called on the youths to look beyond political differences and ideology and realise that the country needed their participation in national affairs regardless of whether the political party they supported was in power or not.

“This is why we have decided to come together as youths of Kalomo to celebrate the victory of the Patriotic Front (PF) regardless of our political affiliation. We agreed long before this that as a way of fostering unity among ourselves, despite our political differences, we need to celebrate whoever will win this year’s elections and we were just waiting for the UPND petition to be concluded.

“Regardless of what has happened on the political field, we still remain Zambians. We live together in this area and surely, politics should not divide us. We are looking at the broader picture on how we can foster unity and development in our country because as the young people we have a role to play towards political and economic emancipation of our country. We have put our rivalry aside and have come together for a common goal,” Mr. Kayoba said.

And Mr. Kayoba said the spate of violence that characterised some parts of the country were regrettable especially that the youths were mostly the ones used to perpetuate such acts which did not benefit them in any way.