Nevers should stop spreading lies-Katele


Former Finance minister in the Frederick Chiluba MMD government Katele Kalumba has taken a swipe at Pastor Nevers Mumba, questioning how a person who claims to be a man of God would be ‘‘consumed with so much hate and attempt to sway the nation into falsehood’’.

In a statement, Dr Kalumba noted that Dr Mumba had no moral right to castigate the Zambian Constitution, which was the will of the people, noting that Dr Mumba had never been part of any constitution-making process to understand it.

“I have not forgotten how the National Constitution Conference (NCC) process was initiated. I cannot forget the efforts of many political party players…..who laboured to define the road map,” Dr Kalumba stated.

“…I do not remember the role of the pastor. As MMD national secretary, my colleagues who are alive today can bear witness to our collective role to bring (political party) presidents together and to take the punches from our leaders when they could not agree,” Dr Kalumba said.

He noted that after the NCC failed a new process was started by the Patriotic Front government and Dr Mumba did not play a role in its success.

“Did I see Pastor Mumba anywhere close to the ring? Please help me remember, someone. I seek fair comment,” he said. “As to the rather unpastorly imputations about the Constitution, please spare ECL (Edgar Chagwa Lungu).”

Dr Kalumba said President Lungu was voted for by the majority Zambians democratically.

“Zambians voted for him. Ba pastor, can your heart be so weighed by hatred that you cannot look at a red ant and describe it as an insect, instead you call it a reptile?” he asked.

He urged Dr Mumba to wear a white collar and tell the truth.

“Often the safe righteous have disappointed us in our human condition. Please, God, I seek thee and pray that you forgive those who want to mislead our country,” said Dr Kalumba.