Probe Chibomba’s UPND links, says Cosmo


By Nation Reporter

NATIONAL Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has called on the Judicial Complaints Authority to probe Constitutional Court judge Hilda Chibomba for not declaring interest in the UPND election petition because some of her close associates were allegedly holding top positions in the UPND.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Mumba claimed that Ms Justice Chibomba’s relatives include the UPND chairman for a constituency in Lusaka and another a top official in the opposition party, but that she did not declare interest in the UPND petition, a move which is against the law. He explained that the Constitution of Zambia does not allow any judge to adjudicate over a matter he or she has interest in.

“It’s disappointing that the judges failed to defend Judge Annie Sitali when she was verbally insulted in an open court. Judge Chibomba failed to declare interest in the case knowing her relatives hold  high positions in the party. It is illegal for any judge to adjudicate in a matter he or she has interest in,” he said.

Dr. Mumba also expressed disappointment at the behaviour of UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe who lambasted Constitutional Court judges during one of the petition sittings.

He was happy that Ms Mushipe was being probed over her behaviour.

Dr Mumba said he was happy with the outcome of the petition and that he was ready to work with the Patriotic Front (PF) government if called upon.

He said that it was only fair to give President Lungu another mandate to rule the country because he was hard working.

Dr Mumba advised UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to concede defeat for the sake of peace. “I’m very happy with the outcome of the election petition because President Lungu really deserves to be given another mandate to rule the country. He is a hard working man and I would be more obliged to serve in his Government if called upon. I advise Mr Hichilema to accept the outcome of the election and the petition, at least for the sake of peace,” he said.

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