UPND should now allow President Lungu to govern

Dear Editor,

Following the re-election of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, it has now become abundantly clear that the Mr Hakainde Hichilema and Dr Nevers Mumba have become redundant in Zambian politics.

The conduct of the two leaders in the aftermath of the elections leaves much to be desired.

I strongly feel that Dr Mumba’s so called letter to President Lungu is a futile attempt by the fallen Man of God to resuscitate his political fortunes. I believe Dr Mumba and his cohorts in the UPND have no moral authority to lecture President Lungu on constitutionalism and national building.

The purported Open Letter by Dr Mumba only demonstrated the level of pettiness and dislike that Dr Mumba harbours towards President Lungu.

The letter depicts Dr Mumba as an excited boy playing with his new toy. The tone and style of Dr Mumba’s letter to President Lungu confirmed that the man is playing with the presidency and I believe that anyone who plays with the constitution of the Republic is playing with the people of Zambia.

Anyone citizen who undermines the constitution does not therefore deserve to be called a Zambian.

My earnest appeal is to Dr Mumba and his team in the UPND to respect the choice that Zambians have made to continue with the proven leadership of President Lungu.

Both Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema do not have a track record in Zambian politics. They are typical chancers whose luck has now run out. If you attempt to follow the political journeys of the two men you will realise that it is not even worthy to discuss.

To start with, Dr Mumba does not have any history in Zambian politics. Until recently, he was just a stranded diplomatic in Canada who was going to be recalled by the Sata administration anyway. Myself, Bowman and my team in the MMD ensured that we installed Dr Mumba as MMD leader.

We worked tirelessly whilst he was still packing his luggage in Canada to make him President. There was nothing he did to earn that position except turning up at the airport and taking up the job. We made the shoes for him, polished them and he only brought his feet to fit the shoes on.

To confirm that Dr Mumba is a political failure who should not be taken seriously, the moment I left I the MMD to join the Patriotic Front, exactly a week after, Dr Mumba’s also lost his position as MMD President.

The same could be said about Mr Hichilema, this is the man who has set a new record of having lost more presidential elections than any other opposition leader in Africa. We believe that Mr Hichilema can make a good student at the Kizza Besigye School of Opposition Politics.

For Mr Hichilema, the man walked into that sham of a National Convention at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre and grabbed the UPND presidency from deserving men such as Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga using the tribal tag to replace the late great son of the soil Anderson K. Mazoka.

Mr Hichilema has continued to struggle to win the republican presidency because he did not deserve to be President of the UPND in the first place. He did not even sweat for that seat he currently occupies.

Now compare the political leadership acumen of the two to that of President Lungu. President Lungu has a well-documented life in Zambian politics. From having attempted the Chawama seat and losing to later succeeding in 2011, being appointed Deputy Minister through to various cabinet Minister portfolios, Party Secretary General to winning the Republican Presidency twice.

One can see that through his political journey, President Lungu has seen the hand of God as he has been promoted in an unprecedented manner. It is therefore an abuse of biblical principles for Dr Mumba to attempt to offer hateful prophesies motivated by nothing but petty jealousy.

Mr Hichilema and his UPND were rejected by the majority of Zambian voted on the 11th of August and it is important that this choice is respected. The Zambians themselves saw through the hearts of the UPND leadership and knew that the people were not sincere and genuine.

It is common knowledge that Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema do not care for the majority of Zambia as history shows that the brief periods they have opportunities to preside over national affairs, they misconducted themselves and only benefited their pockets and close families and associates.

Dr Mumba as Republican Vice President was unceremoniously dismissed. For Mr Hichilema, when Zambians asked him to value their assets during the privatisation exercise, he used the opportunity to amass personal wealth overnight.

My appeal is to both Mr Hichilema and Dr Mumba to allow President Lungu to govern. They should stop disrupting his vision of creating a better Zambia for all. I know that President Lungu wants to get on with business of governing the nation and it will help if Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema allowed him to do just that.

For now, Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema should be reminded that their time in Zambian politics is over. What happened on the 11th of August was a clear turning point in Zambian politics.

There is a new breed of politics that have come into the National Assembly and they are now going to work hard for the people of Zambians who will one day demand that some of these new leaders run for the presidency. This in effect means that Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema have now been condemned to the annals of political history as those that contested numerous times but were rejected by Zambians.

I am now part of a new breed of Zambian politicians who have been given the mandate to protect our democracy and protect our constitution from vultures like Mr Hichilema and Dr Mumba and this, together with the new MPs will shall do.

We somehow sympathise with their plight. We know that to run their lavish campaigns leading up to the 2016 elections, we know that the UPND over borrowed from both local and international groups.

They promised a lot of favours to these people ranging from the takeover of ZESCO and some mines and we are aware that these people have started asking the tough questions hence the growing levels of desperation on the part of the UPND. They are now running around court rooms like headless chickens.

As much as we sympathise with their current situation, we also wish to remind Mr Hichilema that we will push for a restart of a comprehensive audit on the role he played in the privatisation of the mine for we believe that he personally benefitted to levels way above what he was entitled to.

Issued by: Hon. Bowman C. Lusambo, MP-Kabushi


The commando has done it again!

Dear Editor,

As per the 2016 Patriotic Front Party campaign song by Chester, the commando has again done it, swatting every possible standoff staged by the opposition UPND Party leadership to oppose his re-election as Zambian’s sixth President.

The commando with a female running mate is the title given to the soft spoken President Edgar Lungu in this hit song.

It is true politics is not about the money but knowing how to play the political cards well by being very civil, humble, upholding the rule of law and God fearing for you to win the hearts of the general populous.

I write to congratulate the President elect, Edgar Lungu for having shown Zambians that he can uphold the rule of law even when he has the capacity to do otherwise.

I equally applaud the Con Court for giving the petitioners enough rope to hang themselves so that they win the confidence of Zambians.

To many upcoming politicians, this is a strong lesson that elections are supposed to be won beyond any reasonable doubt through the ballot, not otherwise.

Let those who feel cheated go back to the drawing board and dissect on their political path and know what they did not do correctly thereby bringing the country almost to a stand still.

Wisdom Muyunda


The role of civil servants in our country

Dear Editor,

I write with disappointment to note that when there was a petition in Con Court, the Civil Servants took advantage of that to try to make Government look like it is not working.

Every sane Zambian know that politicians are just policy makers while Civil Servants are policy executors and were in offices.

One therefore wonders why they almost brought the Country to a standstill by not doing what they are paid for, unless they tell Zambians that they need someone to always make them carry out their mandate with a whip on their back.

Let professionalism prevail in Civil Service. Don’t cry foul when heads start rolling sooner than later now that the impasse is over and Ministers will be ushered in offices soon.

Civil Servants are supposed to always align themselves to the Government in power and not work against it.

The Citizen