We know our challenges better, MP told


RESIDENTS of Kanyama compound have called on the newly elected area Member of Parliament Elizabeth Phiri to work with the people in fostering development in the area.

The residents have said that it is important for the new MP to work with the community for they are the ones who know the issues that the leader needs to address for their well-being.

They have charged that the area has had no development in the past because the leaders only visited them when it was election time.

Charity Mbewe, a resident, said that it is the responsibility of the newly elected MP to ensure that she works for the people who voted for her.

Ms. Mbewe said that the people have confidence in the new MP and that is why they voted for her to be their representative.

She said the people of Kanyama have for a long time lacked development and that is why the new leadership should ensure that it does not disappoint the people.

Ms. Mbewe said  Kanyama is  a big area and home to a lot of people who have the same rights just like any other Zambian to enjoy and be part of all the developmental works happening country wide’.

She said leaders need to work with the community because if they work in isolation they will not understand the challenges the residents are facing on a daily basis.

‘’As residents of Kanyama there is nothing we want more than to see our area developed just like other constituencies. We want to have access to clean and safe drinking water, we want good roads and drainages, we want modern markets, skills training centre for our youths, we want health institutions with enough personnel and a bigger police post for the security of the people,’’ she said.

And Joseph Sinjwala another Kanyama resident said that it is important for the newly elected leaders to get to work as soon as possible.

Mr. Sinjwala said the leaders need to show appreciation to the people that voted for them by ensuring that they start developmental works in the area in good time.

‘’Kanyama has always lagged behind in development and now is the time for the new leaders to fulfill their campaign promises to the people,‘’ he said.